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Petaluma Dental Group


When you have a healthy smile, you won't just look your best; you'll feel your best as well. Proper dental care and oral hygiene are essential for the health of your entire body.


Our team provides family, cosmetic, restorative, periodontal, and children's dental care all under one roof. We also provide special adult and children's treatment rooms.

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Allume Med Spa

Allume Med Spa, in Petaluma, CA is unique in that we offer a wide variety esthetic treatments focused on beauty, health and skin wellness. We also offer vitamin and hormone therapies to help you achieve your optimal health.

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Luminary Education Center

In a world where technological advances happen at the speed of light, we know the industry is only getting more competitive, and it can often feel like if you want to keep up, you have to run.

We wanted to provide a place for you to access relevant education and training led by expert educators, so you can expand your knowledge base, accelerate your path to mastery, and achieve the work-life balance you dream of. 

The instructors we bring in are masters in their spheres of expertise, who have not only had years of hands-on, practical experience, but also have a strong background in research and education, which they now offer to you. 

Join us for our next course to gain expert guidance and further your

path to mastery

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Mage & Maven

Bespoke Botanicals

Mage & Maven’s mission is to inspire and promote stress relief, self care and relaxation in a holistic and judgement free environment. Our specialties include East Asian Medicine, Holistic Skincare and Clinical Aromatherapy.

Complimentary Ear Seed application with any purchase. (A $35 value)


Dr. Nicole Strasko, DC - Redwood Chiropractic

Chiropractic Family Corrective Care, Pregnancy and Pediatric Certified

Providing advanced spinal correction utilizing "state of the art" chiropractic techniques. Never in the history of chiropractic have we been able to provide the level of help and expertise that now exists. These newer correction methods are even safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before.

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Reiki Global Healing Fellowship

We are a community of healers who share Reiki, wisdom and love.

Reiki is the Japanese word for “universal life force energy”.
We are light workers. We channel energy into our clients by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the client's body to restore physical and emotional well being.  

We believe that as we heal ourselves, we help heal others. And by helping others heal, we can help heal the world. Our purpose is to spread love. We see the ripple effect resulting in humanity living together cohesively with nature.

Our Founding Members: Joy Boden, Sarah Inclan, Molly Leonard, Katie Love, Melissa Maskell, Jinnifer Murphy,
Marie Louise Tremblay

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Melissa Maskell

Reiki Master

Melissa specializes is healing broken hearts with the Grief Recovery Method.

Joyful Purpose Coaching

Astra Fox - Spiritual Life Coaching. Transform your life and live your Joyful Purpose.

Contact Astra for a free 50min. Clarity Call to shift your perspective on what is blocking you from achieving your dreams.

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We develop, manufacture and distribute luxury-quality alchemical skincare products that synergize the botanical, mineral, and animal domains of nature for beauty and healing. Our violet glass packaging functions as a natural preservative for the living energies of our products and is reusable.

Locally made extraordinary all-natural small-batch handcrafted artisan skincare products that are safety tested, ecologically sustainable, and highly effective - where ancient traditions and modern science meet.

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Fit and Flow Integrated Coaching and Emotional Release Work

Danielle Taylor


Spirit Sisters Of Sonoma County

Spirit Sisters of Sonoma County is a Spiritual Community for women, which hosts gatherings and workshops; promoting wellness, personal growth and community connection. Spirit Sisters also offers engaging and supportive online connection. The intention of our Sisterhood is to provide a nurturing and safe space of unconditional love for our fellow sisters; to hold space, support and encourage each other along our spiritual paths and earthly journeys. We are an inclusive community promoting love, tolerance, and respect. We are accepting of all religious and spiritual beliefs, and welcome all women.

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Adams Chiropractic

Chiropractic Neurologic Services. We are board certified Functional Neurologists with care plans that reduce and eliminate pain profiles with adjustments and rehabilitation. We also assist with movement disorders.

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Luma Fitness

At Luma Fitness, we specialize in group training for all levels and abilities. 

The Coaches at Luma Fitness integrate a wide variety of cutting edge training methods throughout each session that are programmed specifically by that Coach. NO TWO CLASSES ARE THE SAME. Each one is unique and is carefully structured to maximize the physical potential of any individual, regardless of your fitness goals!

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Spiritfull Healing Arts

Feather Rose Marie, Spiritfull Woman, offers healing sessions that include somatic therapeutic movement, breath work, feminine based energy practices, and sound healing. Every session is unique to the person she is sharing space with. She is also a Healing Tao instructor, Tao Tantric Arts Qigong Teacher and Facilitator, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, and Integrative Nutrition Guide.

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The Joyful Healing 

Reiki & Holistic Wellness

At the The Joyful Healing we provide a modern holistic approach to your healing. Providing Reiki and guided meditation to assist you in achieving your health and optimal wellbeing. Using these healing techniques that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety. These hands on modalities delivers energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support your healing. Join me to support your healing journey.

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